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  1. did that.. it did remove the personilation options.. but still had same results when I rebooted..
  2. Here is a screen shot: BEFORE Reboot: AFTER Reboot:
  3. Problem is caused by rebooting the computer.. also caused by remoting to the computer.. Not just when viewing through the remote.. but when sitting at the computer.. Lets just focus on when I reboot the computer... The gadets on the desktop get screwed up... I have to remove them and re-add them to the desktop.. I am on a vista OS.. One gadet is digital and one is chart.. both do the same thing..
  4. FYI... they also screw up when I reboot... I have to delete them from my desktop (vista) and re-add them in order to get them back the way they were
  5. If I remote to my computer that is running the PowerGadgets (Demo).. using pcAnywhere.. It completly screws up my gadgets... changes their size back to defaults.. they quit refreshing the data.. and they get a white border around them instead of being floating...
  6. Guess we were typing at the same time... Thanks
  7. yes, when I open it in notepad the first few characters are png.. If I rename to .png then the file opens... So you think its a bug in the version I have?
  8. we use lotus notes (domino) for our email system.. I am testing the demo and when I do a 'ps | out-chart | send-mail .....' it sends the email but when I recieve it in my inbox it has a file called 'attg4p58.dat' how is the send-mail supposed to work.. is it supposed to be attached or can it be embedded. what is the dat file.. how do I view it?
  9. cool.. Thanks... If/when we purchase I may request the update.. just knowing it is there is good enough for now.. thanks
  10. Testing DEMO. [:S] Instead of having 4 digital gadgets I wanted to create one gadget with four InnerDigitalPanels.. I can do so but how do I set the value of each? I want each inner gadget to be a different SQL select statement..
  11. Testing DEMO...[:S] I have a chart that pulls one record with numbers that change, with the refresh rate turned off.. If I right click on the chart and choose refresh it does so without changing the look of the chart.. but If I turn on Real Time Data Refresh Rate.. when it updates it shows the new data and the old data (two charts).. With the refresh rate turned on, how do I keep it from showing the old chart.. I only want to see the current one..
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