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  1. Thank you very much, Marco. I will contact support and get the download. I appreciate the support. Best, David
  2. Good morning, Juan I gave it a try this morning and received the error below. I am running version Version: 1.0.2760.16652, which is the latest build available that I can find on the PG web-site. "2760" looks strangely close but lower than "2769." Are these two numbers related? Do I have the 2769 build, and if not, how do I obtain it? Does the error below give you an indication that the problem is something other than the build I am running? On a related, silly question note, will DisableAuto AddData (when functioning properly) keep a chart from adding new, valid datapoints on refresh as they evolve when the invoke-sql picks up a query with more than the 1 originial datapoint? Thank you very much for your help. Best, David
  3. Thanks, Juan I'm pretty certain I'm current--downloaded the latest versions last month. I will give it a try and let you know in the am (that's when most of my charts are sparse). Best, David
  4. Hi Gang, It appears to me that there is some bug or intended function that is undesirable in many situations involving the out-chart with refresh. If you create an out-chart .PS1 gadget that is attached to dynamic data and the first rendering of the gadget results in a single x-axis value (point, column, etc) then subsequent automatic or manual refreshes will not update the single value on the chart, but rather introduce a timescale for the x-axis and add additional copies of the same data point at different refresh intervals. I understand there is an option that can remove this behavior, but I haven't found it in the documentation. I have included a couple of visual examples below, which I hope will be more illustrative. I want the gadget chart to retain a single x-axis entry and update it's y-axis value, not replicate the single value over time. Note: once more than one x-axis value appears, the problem goes away. Note#2: if you originally open the gadget with more than one x-axis value in the data, but the data refresh subsequently reduces to a single x-axis value (datapoint) then the behavior does not occur. I can post the invoke-sql | out-chart code if that will help. Thanks a bunch for the help! Best, David http://www.zweenahealth.com/JNA/Download/PGexample1.bmp http://www.zweenahealth.com/JNA/Download/PGexample2.bmp
  5. Hi Juan, Thank you very much for staying with this. I need to get this in play by the middle of next month. We purchased an additional 50 licenses and are deploying, but the internals are getting it first and fairly patient, external customers will not be. The zip code maps are a very handy feature when you want to get a prototype out and the solution sold without incurring the cost of customer SVG map development. Thanks to you and Marco for the continued assistance. Best, David
  6. Hey Marco, I talked with tech support and they said 2783 build was in the newest (7/23) release. I downloaded and tried it, but the functionlity was not changed. Under the new -Tooltipsfields (as it is intended to work), can you give it more than one parameter name or is it limited to a single parameter? Best, David
  7. Morning, Juan. Thank you for your quick response. I was kinda wondering, because it didn't seem like ToolTipFields did anything. The Facility/Site thing was just a typo from my vanilla-ing the code sample. In my case order does not matter--taking the time to build a custom SVG is not always an option in the engagements I am using PowerGadgets to solve (which are a lot--it is a totally awesome tool), at least when you are in the Proof of Concept stage. All I need is some way for the user to see the name of the site/facility he/she is looking at on the map, so he/she knows what to drill down on for a more detailed set of gadgets for that particular site (passing the facility to the sub-gadget title is no problem). I am a registered licensee; how do I get build 2783 when it comes out? Best, David
  8. Will out-guage support scriptblocks as well?
  9. Well I tried several different examples. They failed yesterday but seem to work today. Only difference is that I didn't preceed with "-ToolTips true". In any case, here's what I have and where I'm trying to get. zip site tickets 22222 XYX 22 21231 ZZZ 11 The out-map will plot zip, but the tool-tip will read "Facility XYX; Tickets:22" I have tried the following (see code from first post): -ToolTipFields sites,score -ToolTipFormat "My ticket is: %v" ==> I get "My ticket is 22"-ToolTipFields sites,score -ToolTipFormat "Location: {$_.sites} Tickets: %v" ==> I get "Location _.sites Tickets: 22"-ToolTipFields sites,score -ToolTipFormat "Location: %L Tickets: %v"==> I get Location: 22222 Tickets: 22"-ToolTipFields sites,score -ToolTipFormat "Location: %N Tickets: %v"==>I get Location: >10 Tickets: 22" (>10 is the index text) Is there any way to send three values to the out-map with a 1 to 1 correspondence between zip and one of the textual values, and the third the actual value itself, and replace the zip with the matching textual in the text tool? I what I'm going for makes sense. Thanks for the help. Best, David
  10. Hi Gang, I am attempting to produce a map which shows the number of trouble tickets at my facilities by location. Fortunately, I only have 1 facility in each zip code. No problem mapping by zip code, but I want the facility name to appear instead of the zip code when I mouse-over the location. I have simplified the code below a bit to focus on the PowerGadgets issue. invoke-sql -Conn... -sql "select zip, count(ProblemNum) as tickets, locatName as sites from databaseX where locatState='MD' group by zip" | out-map -mapsource 'US\5-Digit Zips\Ungrouped\MD-5 Digit Ungrouped' -float -refresh 0:2:0 -Titles_0_Text "Maryland Facilities" -Titles_0_Font "Arial,10,style=bold' -Titles_0_Dock Top -conditionalAttributes_0_Color Lime -conditionalAttributes_0_condition_from 0 -conditionalAttributes_0_condition_to 5 -conditionalAttributes_0_Text '0 - 5' -conditionalAttributes_1_Color Yellow -conditionalAttributes_1_condition_from 6 -conditionalAttributes_1_condition_to 10 -conditionalAttributes_1_Text '6 - 10' -conditionalAttributes_2_Color Red -conditionalAttributes_2_condition_from 11 -conditionalAttributes_2_condition_to 100 -conditionalAttributes_2_Text '>10' -values tickets -Label zip -ToolTipFields sites What I get is zip displayed on each zip code and a mouse-over that opens a yellow box with the zip code and "tickets: XX." If I shift the label commend to sites, I get a no data, which I would expect because you can't plot alphanumerics on an out-map. I've tried the ToolTipFormat, but it seems to make all tool-tip functionality disappear. I sure would appreciate it if you wouldn't mind enlightening me a bit--I haven't had any luck trying to follow the documentation on this one. Thanks a bunch for your time and great response speed--so much better than most forums. Best, David
  11. Thank you very much, Juan! I don't use templates much, so the former worked fine. Only thing to watch (it took me several tries) is that the "Column2" in $_.Column2 must match the alias name of the column(second one) in your invoke-sql statement (I was thinking it meant 2nd column). I really appreciate the assist!! Best, David
  12. Hi, I've been using PowerGadgets for a while and love it. I've seen mention in the documentation that you can add multiple independent needles to the outer indicator (not an inner gauge) of a radial, but I don't see how to do it. I am using a basic invoke-sql.... | out-gauge..... statement, where the SQL command results in a single row of two column values. I have tried the cmd-lets documentation and working through the -configure option, and I can get a second needle and color it, etc., but I cannot successfully direct the second value to the second needle. I see how to get main_indicator -value and that's no problem. What parameter do you use to map the second value into the second guage needle? Thanks for the help! Best, David
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