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  1. Hi Frank, I think a picture says more than thousands words ... just see the attachment. I know, most of the formats displayed there make no sense, it is just for explaining what I try to do .. best regards Joe
  2. Hi, is there a posibility to format y-values different? A global format like chart.AxisY.DataFormat.CustomFormat = "#,0,," is not enough. e.g. value 1 = 12345678, format: #,0,, --> display 1.234 value 2 = 98765, format: #,0, --> display 98.765 regards Joe
  3. Hi, we are using chartFX component for a while, but without statistic components. So there are several templates saved with following file mask:FileMask = FileMask.General | FileMask.Fonts | FileMask.Titles | FileMask.Multi | FileMask.Colors | FileMask.Tools; Now we are using the statistic component and try to import the stream, but the component crashes with an index out of range exception Code: statistics1.Chart = chart1; chart1.Import (FileFormat.Binary, FILENAME); Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Der Index war au
  4. hmmm, not so fine ..., but thats the answer I expectet after my tests Do you plan an update to solve the problem in future?
  5. Hi Frank, I want to remove all statistic gallery types except 'BoxAndWhisker' also the 'statistic studies' button should be removed in the toolbar. I figured out that e.g. 'Histogramm Chart' has an ID = 29954, but it is unstable to code it like this (because of upcoming changes). I would prefer a saver way, if ther is one. best regards Joe
  6. Hi, I've to remove some tool buttons in the chart control. The code snippet works fine for normal commands SoftwareFX.ChartFX. Command cmd = chart1.ToolBarObj.Commands[(int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.CommandID.Gallery]; int index = 0;index = cmd.FindSubCommandID((int)SoftwareFX.ChartFX.CommandID.Candlestick); if (index > -1) cmd.RemoveSubCommand(index); It's plausible that there are no CommandIDs for 'statistical Studies' nor the statistical gallery types in ChartFX.CommandID, but where can I find those IDs? It seems that I not see the forest for the trees best regards Joe
  7. Joe

    mixed view

    hi maximop, thanks, it works fine with gantt and line style! But it seems that there is a probleme with gantt and curves. The points are created at the correct position, but the curve is just a line and the line don't use any of the points. However, I hope nobody in my company will try the combination of gantt and curves Joe
  8. Joe

    mixed view

    Hi there, I've got a problem with mixed diagram types. The preselection is a gantt style and one of the values should be changed to line style. The resultset will be displayed with swaped axis like a bar graph style. Has any body else the problem? Or any special updates available to solve the problem? Current Appversion: ChartFX.dll 6.2.2839.26852 ChartFX.Base.dll 6.2.2839.26796 any other ideas? thanks Joe
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