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  1. I have been using CFX files to preset many of my chart attributes. I create a chart, import a (proforma) CFX then set up the data etc. This has worked well since 2007, but last week a user in Russia suddenly had problems. Essentially, on his PC only, the program was not reading the CFX binary. There was no error at all, but the chart attributes (grid lines, legen position etc.) were not initialized. This is a program that works fine on several hundred other PCs. I decided to try using XML files to see if that helped his problem. I generated an XML using "save as" (also used EXPORT). I then read that saved XML (also used IMPORT), and obtained a chart that was nothing like the one I had started with (the data was correct). After lots of gnashing of teeth, I removed the TYPEMASK tags from the XML file, and everything worked as expected. I don't know if it will work for my RUssian user, but I'll soon find out. Does any of the above strike a chord with anyone?
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