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DataView Hogging Space


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We just had a look at the DataView ability on the charts - it looks good but we found that when used in conjunciton with large data volumes (50+ series, each with 20+ data points) the grid has a tendancy to fill all the available vertical space.  With a chart sized at around 300x300 and showing the grid via user interaction rather than by default, the grid area is enclosed in scrollbars as you would expect but it totally wipes out the plot area.  The only way to get the plot area to display is by increasing the height of the chart untill the vertical scrollbars disappear from the DataView.  Setting the PlotArea.MinSize to 50 (as another post indicated it is a percentage, so 100+  is pointless) has no effect on this.  Is there anything else that can be done to ensure a balance of space usage between the 2 displays?


Many thanks

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You are correct on the fact that PlotArea.MinSize is not used to restrict the space taken by the "tools" (DataView, LegendBox, etc.), unfortunately there are 2 panels involved

1) There is a sort of DockPanel that holds the DataView, LegendBox and AxisPanel

2) AxisPanel holds all the axes and the plotarea

Currently PlotArea.MinSize is only handled in the AxisPanel so it will not prevent a tool to take up all the space.

Because both DataView and LegendBox derive from Control you can set their Width/Height. In the case of DataView that is by default docked bottom, you can set its height to 100 pixels. Note that we will honor a height bigger than the required space so if the number of series is variable you will have to account for that.



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Hi Paul,

You can use the MaxHeight property of the DataView. Now, if your chart has 300px height and you want the 60% for plot area and the rest 40% for the data view, you can calculate the 40% of 300, which is 120. So, you can put chart1.DataView.MaxHeight = 120;  If your actual series does not need that 40%, that area will shrink to fit best. How ever if you dont want this and want to keep always the 40% of the area reserved, you should use the chart1.DataView.MinHeight property.

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