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Chart image generation problem..


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i am using ChartFX-7 to generate charts. the technology i am using is .Net 2005.

till the point project was not published on IIS server the chart image was generated under project folder with the sub folder chartfx70/temp, but when i published the project on IIS server, the chart image was generated under Temporary Internet Files.

 Now, my problem is when i use authentication mode= "Forms" in web config  the chart image is not being generated.  i think it is because "Forms" authentication mode restricts the access to Temporary Internet File. so, is there any way to generate chart image elsewhere ? or is there any configuration setting by which access to Temporary Internet Files is possible using authentication mode="Forms"????

 pls reply as soon as possible!!!!



Divyesh Maniyar


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 The Program Files folder is a client side location for the storage of items downloaded by the browser. In other words, that's where the browser stores the chart images once they have been been retrieved by your browser, but it is not where the server is saving the images. In your case, you see the images there because your are browsing the page in the same machine where you are hosting the application.

 When you host the application in IIS, Chart FX will use a special service called PSS in order to handle the creation of temporary files, thus eliminating the need of manually removing files from disk.

Now, since the PSS service's handlers run in a separate web app, you will have problems when using forms authentication. The following article will provide instructions on what to do to resolve the issue:


Hope this helps.


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