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Beta License Expired


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My charts are telling me that my license has expired.  I have been developing with the beta for 3 months now.  We won't be ready to distribute our app until the Fall, so I am not ready for a Go-Live license yet.  How do I get a new or updated beta license?

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To take advantage of the Chart FX for WPF Beta extension one should uninstall/reinstall the product. The uninstall process is similar to any other application in Windows, it can be done through Control Panel -> Programs and Features (or "Add or Remove Programs" in earlier versions of Windows). The installer can still be downloaded from our website and you may reuse your original Serial Number . Go to http://www.softwarefx.com/SfxTrial/GetCfxBeta.asp?BetaId=17 if you need to download the installer again or if you lost your Serial Number. To make sure that your license has been extended, try creating a new project, dropping a chart on the main window and try running it. The default chart should be displayed.If you are able to create a new project that uses Chart FX but are still seeing the Expired License message on your old project, your old license might still be cached. Follow the steps bellow to refresh the license on your project.   - Remove the Chart FX dll references from the References folder on Solution Explorer.   - Remove the line on the licenses.licx file (inside the Properties folder on Solution Explorer) that mentions ChartFX.WPF.Chart.   - Create a new temporary window on your project.   - Drop a chart on your new window. That will recreate the license and dll references. You may then delete the temporary window.

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We have recentrly extended the beta for a couple more months. All you need to do is uninstall/reinstall with either the same installer or with the latest RC1 from our website.

 On the other hand, the beta will eventually expire and if you are pointing towards a fall release, you will need to obtain an actual development license at some point.






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