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 Is it possible to remove some of the items in the context menu that shows up when a user right mouse clicks on a chart?

I am using 


however, this keeps throwing a NullReferenceException.


Likewise, is it possible to add an item, previously removed, back into the context menu? What I want to do is, hide the Data Grid item until a certain condition is met. Once this condition is satisfied, show the Data Grid item.

I want to do the same thing to the Data Grid item on the toolbar as well.

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Hi wlo413.  Even though  the

command will always be present in the chart , you

can  hide the item to the end user. Following code show how to remove Pie Gallery item from Gallery Types



Int32 index = chart1.Commands[CommandId.Gallery].SubCommands.IndexOf((Int32)CommandId.Pie);



If you want to add it

again, you should use following code:



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 Ok, that example makes sense. However, which attribute of CommandID refers to the context menu?Also, when I apply the example to remove the Data Grid item from the tool bar in my code snippet: Int32 index = chart1.Commands[CommandId.ToolBar].SubCommands.IndexOf((Int32)CommandId.DataGrid);chart1.Commands[CommandId.ToolBar].SubCommands.RemoveAt(index);I get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException because the index is always returning -1. I can remove the DataGrid item from the toolbar by manually figuring out its index and using this:chart1.ToolBar.RemoveAt(14);But I can't seem to add the DataGrid item back becausechart1.Commands[CommandId.ToolBar].SubCommands.Add(CommandId.DataGrid);doesn't appear to be doing anything.

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 Hello Carlos

Thanks for the help, that was exactly what I needed. However to correct a typo in your code example to remove the Data Grid from the main context menu.

index = chart1.Commands[CommandId.



CommandID.Gallery should be replaced with CommandID.ContextMenuBack

I knew exactly what you meant though ;)


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