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Issue with Y Axis small values and Step property


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I am evaluating ChartFX for use in our company and I am having an issue with setting the step value on the Y axis.  My data values are very small numbers (0.000 to 0.020) and in order to have them appear properly on the Y axis, I must (I think) set the Step value on the Y axis to a value like .002 to display properly.  When I preview the report with these settings, it looks fine.  My proplem is in the Visual Studio development layout mode where the ChartFX control display seems to get confused displaying its sample data (not my actual data).  The display gets messed up trying to draw the grid lines at .002 steps when the values range between 0 an 100.  Even this would not be a problem except that everything I do on the chart control now takes forever each time I change something on the chart and it needs to re-display (which is a lot).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish what I am trying to do without messing up the development environment and making it virtually unusable?

I have added a sample of what the control looks like in VS layout mode with this step value and what it look slike in preview.

Any help would be appreciated..



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