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Creating Charts Dynamically


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I would like to create multiple charts on my website. My application does not know how many charts are going to be drawn and it will retrieve their data using a service. I was wondering if ChartFX is capable of handling such a scenario and if anyone could point me in the right direction or provide a sample application that does that.


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Sure you can create charts dynamically using Chart FX. I am assuming you have already downloaded the trial, so here is all you need to do.

Chart chart1 = new Chart();

chart1.ID = "Chart1";

chart1.Height = 400;

chart1.Width = 600;


Another way you can do this (and have even more control of your charts) is instanciate the chart on code behind and export it. Exporting will create three streams: the chart image, the html image tag and the html image map. You can then modify it (if necessary) and add it to the page. Here is some sample code for that.

Chart chart1 = new Chart();System.IO.FileStream fileStream;System.IO.StreamWriter imgMapText;System.IO.StreamWriter htmlTag;

fileStream = new System.IO.FileStream(Server.MapPath("chart.jpg"), System.IO.FileMode.Create, System.IO.FileAccess.ReadWrite, System.IO.FileShare.ReadWrite);imgMapText = System.IO.File.CreateText(Server.MapPath("MapTags.txt"));htmlTag = System.IO.File.CreateText(Server.MapPath("HTMLTag.txt"));chart1.ImageSettings.ToolTips = ImageToolTipStyle.AsTitle;chart1.ID = "TestChart";chart1.RenderFormat = "Jpeg";

chart1.RenderToStream(fileStream, imgMapText, htmlTag);


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