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Multiple SFX_OnCallbackReady Calls


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I have a page which uses callbacks to update my charts.

This works fine - I make a request, get back a response string and call SFX_OnCallbackRead(returnedString, ChartX) to update my chart.

The problem is; this does not work with two charts simultaneously.

Both charts will update independently: commenting out either SFX_OnCallbackReady function means the other updates without a problem, but calling two of these from the same page only updates the first.

Is it possible to update multiple charts asynchronously?



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 You just have to use the onCallbackReadyDelegate and clear the processing flag. Here is a link to a very useful Knowledge Base article on Chart FX 7 and AJAX.


Also, find attached a sample that updates three charts on a page. Hope it helps.

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 Thank you for your reply.

 I have ran your example and read the knowledge base, but there are still a number of things I am unsure about.

 Firstly, if I replace the code in your example which sets each chart to a specific gallery type, and instead change the gallery type each time, all three charts only update the first time; after that, only Chart1 does.

Secondly, I do not want to use SendUserCallback. My charting functionality is handled by a number of external classes which return a string which I currently pass to my chart using OnCallbackReady. Is it possible to do something similar to the example, but use OnCallbackReady instead of SendUserCallback?

Thanks again.

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