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Can I draw CurveArea with a FromY property

Xiaonan Ji

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In your Resource Center I learn that ChartFX supports 9 different area charts, including Area, CurveArea, 2D and 3D styles. In one of the example, the Area graph is not started from the bottom of the x axis. This gives a shape of a band. But this example is only for Area, whose edges are lines. You also have an example of CurveArea, whose edges are curves rather than lines. But there is no example showing that drawing a curve area with a shape as band is possible or not.  By doing this obviously you need to set the FromY property so ChartFX knows where in y axis should the area start. So I guess I should ask the question as: do ChartFX support drawning curve areas with FromY property? Or curve areas must start from the bottom of the chart, with FromY = min y values? It will be great if I can do this. I checked that for Area, you can do it.

If you are not sure what I am asking for, please go to ChartFX Resource Center, choose Programmer's Guide & Samples option, go to ChartFX Programmer's Guide -> Gallery Types -> Area in the tree view. This page should be titled Area Charts and has 9 areas pics. The middle one is what I want, but it is for Gallery.Area. The one below it is for Gallery.CurveArea, but the area starts from y = 0. Is it possible to draw the middle pics' shape with CurveArea? That's my question.


Thank you very much for the help.



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 Unfortunately, intial values are not supported in the curve Area gallery. The chart will ignore the YFrom setting when using CurveArea. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will add this to the feature request list so that it can be reviewed by development when deciding on features for future realeases.

I apologize for this limitation.

 Regards .




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