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How to automatically purge chart images?


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Unlike previous version of Chart FX in which all chart images were generated as temporary files on disk, Chart FX 7 by default uses a special service (Chart FX PSS) that handles file generation and takes care of automatically removing any temp files without any user intervention. If you are indeed seeing temporary chart images on a temp folderinside the ChartFX70 directory, it probably means that PSS is not running correctly.

 Please go to the services console in your machine and restart the service. If the service runs correctly, there should be no new files in the Temp directory.



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Maybe I'm not understanding how PSS works then.

In my ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe.config file I specify a TempPath of c:\temp which seems to be where the chart files are placed. (see below for the appSettings)

Along with that I have the default MemorySlidingTime (10 minutes) which tells me that after 10 minutes PSS will put the charts to disk in that directory - and I have verified that this is occurring.

I also specify a DiskSlidingTime of 2 hours so I would expect that the files would be purged after 2 hours; however that is not the case.

What am I missing?

appSettings>   <add key="MemorySlidingTime" value="0:10:0" />   <add key="DiskSlidingTime" value="2:0:0" />   <add key="EventLogLevel" value="Information" />   <add key="TempPath" value="c:\temp" />   <add key="Machine1" value=""></add>   <add key="ThisMachine" value="1"></add>   </appSettings>

Thanks, Pat


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