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UserCallBack and Master template incompatibility issue...


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 I am trying to implement usercallback method instead of onclick that I have used previously when I was creating charts. I want to implement AJAX feature of ChartFX so I decided to use usercallback as event handler. However, I am getting this error when I want to use it under my master template:

 "The target 'Chart1' for the callback could not be found or did not implement ICallbackEventHandler"

 My page is working without any problems whatsoever when it is a standalone page. Is there any special setting or configuration for implementing usercallback when using a master template?


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When you use a MasterPage, ASP adds on a GUID to the beginning of the Control ID. You don't know what this is in Javascript.

 So, in your Javascript, replace Chart1 with

<% ChartVar.UniqueID %>

Where ChartVar is the C# variable name of your chart.

*Note this will only work if you're Javascript is in the master page and not in a separate file. If it's in a separate file, you'll need to capture the text and do a string replace on the file to replace the Chart1 with the ChartVar.UniqueID then inject that to your page.

I know this is confusing but this is just how ASP keeps all controls unique.

Let me know if you're confused and I'll elaborate some more.

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 Hi rkw6086,

 Thanks for help. I got the idea and I am trying to implement as of now. However when I used  <% ChartVar.UniqueID %> statement after placing my control instead of "ChartVar" it produces error at Javascript level. Then I have implemented another approach as assigning the value to a hidden field in the master page when page loads to get the value using document.getElementById method however this time I am having VS problems as it does not recognize my fields. I think it is a different issue than the original so once I figured it out I think it is going to work. Also I have found out using ClientID is better. I have used my control's ClientID directly inside the javascript to test it and it worked. Therefore I am going to use it once I resolve this VS problem. Thanks your help again it helped a lot.


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