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Hi, I'm a new student developer working for a steel company and I need some help urgently. I'm trying to use chartfx to make a surface chart (win forms) that plots the different concentration of different positions in a plane of a slab.

 I'm writing the code in VB for win forms

My first question is I'm not exactly sure I understand how the surface chart works with "chart.data(series,points) = value" The value seems to be the Y-axis, I'd imagine and the "points" be the X-axis. How about the series? is that the depth of the chart?

Imagine a rectangle plane, I want to make the width = depth, length = X-axis and the parts with different concentrations through the plane to be contoured and coloured (variations in the Y-axis value)

 I've been trying to figure this out for days but have not been too successful. What I've got so far is something like this. (data in my datagrid)

      1   2   3   4 5 6 .... (x -axis)

Series1   0.004   0.002   0.003 0.002 0.001 0.003..

Series 2  0.003     0.005   0.002   0.003   0.001   0.002.. (Various Concentrations)

(Depth axis?)


I've managed to get the "length" I wanted but there doesn't seem to be any difference in depth in my chart. (maybe its too small? )

One of the biggest challenges I have in plotting this information is that there is no relationship between the position and concentration of the chemical ( no formulas at least to govern the variation in concentration % as a fn of  length and width)

ANY HELP is appreciated THANK YOU

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There is a lot of information about this on your Resource Center, under Gallery Types/Surface and Contour. Basically the series determines the depth (or Z axis).

So basically if you only have two series your chart is not going to be really deep. I believe you can control that accessing the 3D class though.

Does that help? If not, post your data and a better description (even a mockup screenshot) of your chart. Not sure what you mean by lenght of the chart since that word would only apply to a line, or a vector (you could say height, width or depth).

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 Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I'm aware of the Resource Center and have been going through that quite thoroughly. 

 The data I put in the post was just to show you how I arranged my data but not the actual data. In my actual chart, I have approximately 256 series, 600 points and a variation of values at different combination of series and points. ( the values does not follow any formula and is quite random but I managed to arrange them so it fits the right series and points, at least from the data grid)

I wanted to post a mockup screenshot but am not too sure how to do so.  I'll try to figure out how to do that and post here again later.

Thank you for the help!

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