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How to redistribute ChartFX for .Net win forms

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I have ChartFX for .NET installed on my PC, some parts of application with GUI is handled by me ( I am working with Your nice charting tool ), some by my colleagues. If I am generating/compiling MyApp.EXE and additional Class libraries, everything is fine application part with Chart object - is visible and working fine. But if my colleague is building runtime files together with MyApp.EXE - instead of Chart object - we see standard ChartFX gray Picture saying "Chart FX license has Expired" ?!

My colleague, for the project developed by me, is using references to ChartFX.dll's, which I have provided for him ( he keeps them locally ) as well as a licenses.licx file.

Are we making something wrong or that's the way it should work, that only I ( only I have the ChartFX Full version installed ) am able to build MyApp.EXE which is displaying ChartFX graphics correctly ? We are facing problems with this cause normally we use other automated program ( on other machine ) which is used to get latest sources and generate new version of application.

Thank You & Regards

Linas Jankauskas

Commercial Director

UAB "Baltic Software Solutions"

Emai: Linas.Jankauskas@bss.biz

Phone: +37069910606

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