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How to find the plot area?


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I am setting the chart.Titles[0].Text = "something"

The problem is that the text gets cut off on both ends if the text is too long..

I understand that currently there is no option to wrap text.

I am looking at inserting a new line every time the title goes beyond.

For this I need to find the plot area, or the length available for displaying the title.

Looking forward to a response Please.

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Hi, if what you need is the area enclosing the actual plot, then you need to use the bounds property of the first pane in the panes collection:

System.Drawing.Rectangle myRect = chart1.Panes[0].Bounds;

You can use the Rectangle porperties to calculate the dimensions and the position of the plot area relative to the dimensions of the control itself. You can get the size of the Control by using the chart's Width and Height properties.




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