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CFX61B0-3 Error with ChartFX 70 / IIS7 / Vista


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I am trying to migrate one of my developer machines from XP / IIS6 / .Net 2.0, to Vista / IIS7 / .Net 3.5 - but am getting an error CFX61B0-3 out of ChartFX instead of the graphic image.  No Event Log entries from ChartFX.  Back under XP I had hit every variant of this error and always resolved them by tweaking the /Temp folders - both in the website and in the Program Files - but no luck this time.  This problem only occurs when I run the website directly in the browser ( localhost/mysite ) and works fine running under Visual Studio 2008, so I presume it is PSS trying to write into C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\Temp ?

Greatly appreciate the assist.

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I believe this may have something to do with how the virtual folders are configured in IIS 7. You need to make sure that you have the following structure:

-Default WebSite





Where PSS is supposed to be an Application while all the other folders are virtual directories.

If this structure is not present, you can simply add a virtual directory, map it to the ChartFX70 folder that exists in the Chart FX installation directory and then convert the PSS directory to an application within IIS.





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Hi, I'm running into the same issue when reinstall the chartfx 7 with a new production license. I'll try TT's approach.

However why the fix is pointing to Chartfx 6.0 why the error was generated by Chartfx 7?

Error as :

CFX61B0-3 : Error creating temporary file.

Could not find a part of the path 'D:\chartfx70\temp\CFV1208_0201172FD01.chs'.

Link to: http://support.softwarefx.com/error/Cfx70/CFX61B0-3.htm 


Create the target folder and make sure you assign "Change" permissions to IUSER_MachineName (or everyone) on this folder. If you are using multiple web sites then you will need to create a "ChartFX6" virtual directory for each web site that points to Drive:\Program Files\ChartFX .Net\ChartFX6. 


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