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Does anyone have information on how one moves a charfx application from development to test/production environment?  Since we have separate licenses for the two environments, we cannot move the dlls from the dev environment with the solution.  On our test/prod server the dlls got installed in the program files when we installed the license.  Do we just copy these over to respective bin folders of our web applications on that server, or do the chartfx dlls have to be put in the GAC?

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 Once you have run the installation package in the server, you can just simply deploy your web application as you would do with any other app.

The dlls will be in the bin folder of the app.

Why do you say you cannot move the dlls from the dev environment with the solution? The dlls are exactly the same in development and production (provided you have installed the same build version on both). The only thing that changes is the license, and that was already taken care of by the installer.



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