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Unable to generate combination type chart using xml data


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 I'm attempting to generate a combination type chart (one bar and one line) using xml for both the template and the data. I've been able to create the template xml for this chart but can't seem to create the correct data xml flavor (if this is even possible)


 <CFX6>  <AXIS>    <ITEM index="0">      <GRIDLINES>true</GRIDLINES>    </ITEM>    <ITEM index="1">      <STYLE>SingleLine,BreakZero,LongTick,ForceZero,AutoMinorStep,AutoFirstLabel,AutoCenter</STYLE>      <AUTOSCALE>false</AUTOSCALE>      <POSITION>Far</POSITION>      <MIN>0.5</MIN>      <MAX>1.0</MAX>      <STEP>0.05</STEP>    </ITEM>  </AXIS>  <SERIES>    <ITEM index="0">      <YAXIS>1</YAXIS>      <GALLERY>Lines</GALLERY>    </ITEM>    <ITEM index="1">      <CYLSIDES>32</CYLSIDES>      <GALLERY>Bar</GALLERY>    </ITEM>  </SERIES>  <BORDEROBJECT type="SoftwareFX.ChartFX.DefaultBorder" assembly="ChartFX.Base">  </BORDEROBJECT></CFX6>


 <CHARTFX> <COLUMNS> <COLUMN NAME="Product" TYPE="String"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q1" TYPE="Integer" DESCRIPTION="1ST QTR"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q2" TYPE="Integer"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q3" TYPE="Integer"/> </COLUMNS> <ROW Product="ChartFX 98" Q1="9200" Q2="7835" Q3="10245"/>   <ROW Product="ChartFX IE 3.5" Q1="14350" Q2="11233" Q3="16754"/> <ROW Product="ReportFX" Q1="12398" Q2="7654" Q3="5678"/> <ROW Product="Image Toppings" Q1="8742" Q2="12358" Q3="14321"/></CHARTFX>

 Doing this directly using java is quite straight forward, the problem is getting it to work with pure xml input? 

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