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Chart.Export not releasing memory?


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Apologies if this question is asked elsewhere, but I could not find it.

I am currently using ChartFX Client/Server v6.2 in a VB6 application for WinXP. Part of the design is to use the Chart.Export functionality to place an image of the chart into the clipboard so that I can programatically paste the image into a power point slide. I am using this code to accomplish this:

Call cfx.Export(FileFormat_Bitmap, Empty) 'Puts a bitmap of the chart into clipboard


Set pptShape = pptSlide.Shapes.Paste 'Pastes the image into a precreated ppt image object.

The exporting and the pasting works perfectly, but I have a problem with memory management that seems to revolve around using the export. Every time I call the Export line, my machine's RAM will take about 5 MB of data. Doing this in the dev environment, rewinding a line and recalling this Export call will continue to add 5 MB into memory. I've tried using VB.Clipboard.Clear, system calls to clear the clip board, and a handful of other calls that I thought might force a garbage collection. From everything I can tell, the clipboard is supposed to release resources as they're overwritten with different copies, so I am at a loss as to whether the problem is with how I am copying these to memory or if I should be doing something different with the clipboard. The only thing that seems to clear the memory is completely closing out the dev environment/executable.

As some 'modes' of the application will allow several dozen charts to get exported and put into power point, this can be quite the memory hog. I would appreciate any assistance that can be offered with this.



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