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Can't install - VS not installed ???


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for the last years we worked with ChartFX COM component under Delphi. A couple of weeks ago we switched to .Net, means Visual C# 2008 & Visual Basic 2008 (Express Edition). I downloaded the trial of ChartFX.Net 6.2 what worked perfectly.

After that we decided to purchase and we bought the ChartFX 7 Windows Forms as the dealer told us version 6.2 is for VS 2003 and as we have VS 2008 we should use version 7.

Now, when trying to install I get the message : "Visual Studio 2005 or above is required, Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 needs to be installed prior to the installation of the product."

Well, I' m a (little) confused, as off course the 2008 relases of C# and Basic are installed (as we successfully worked with 6.2 trial).

Can someone tell me what's going on here ?

 Thanks in advance !


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In 2008 support indeed sent me a version that could be installed on a VS 2008 Express Edition.In the meantime I changed my computer and upgraded to VS 2010 Express Edition. Unfortunately the version I received those days doesn't work for 2010 and the updated version that I could download on the website (7.0.4962.20751) has the same problem again, it doesn't run when only an Express Edition is available.

In addition the mentioned mail address (support) doesn't exist any more, therefore I'm alooking for someone who could help me out bringing my ChartFX 7 into VS 2010 EE.


Thanks in advance!


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I am having this exact same problem. I no longer have my VS 2008 install disk, and I just installed VS 2013 on a fresh computer, and when trying to install chartFX 7 it is telling me I need VS 2008.



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