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OutOfMemory Exception


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Hi, I create a 3D (clustered and rotated) chart with one series, bar gallery and 12 points

When i try to highlight, or right-click a point with its value equals to 0, i get this exception.

This only happens when the bar style is Cone, with Square and Cylinder styles the program flows ok.

Is it known ? Can anyone help me ?

Obs: I downloaded the service pack, but i still getting this error

Thank you.

Here is the StackTrace:

em System.Drawing.Graphics.CheckErrorStatus(Int32 status)

em System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawPath(Pen pen, GraphicsPath path)

em ChartFX.WinForms.Internal.GraphicsEx.DrawPath(Pen pen, GraphicsPath path)

em ChartFX.WinForms.bb.a(IGraphicsEx A_0, Point3D A_1, Point3D A_2, Brush A_3, Pen A_4, Brush A_5, Boolean A_6, Face A_7, Flag3D A_8, Int32 A_9, Int32 A_10)

em ChartFX.WinForms.bb.b(IGraphicsEx A_0, Point3D A_1, Point3D A_2, Brush A_3, Pen A_4, Brush A_5, Face A_6, Flag3D A_7, Int32 A_8, Int32 A_9)

em ChartFX.WinForms.Galleries.Bar.a(PaintMarkBase A_0, Int32 A_1, Int32 A_2, Int32 A_3, Int32 A_4, Int32 A_5, Int32 A_6, Face A_7)

em ChartFX.WinForms.Galleries.Bar.a(Int32 A_0, PaintMarkBase A_1, Int32& A_2, Int32& A_3)

em ChartFX.WinForms.aw.a(Int32& A_0, Int32& A_1)

em ChartFX.WinForms.aw.b(Int32& A_0, Int32& A_1)

em ChartFX.WinForms.aw.a(Boolean A_0, Int32 A_1, Int32 A_2, Point& A_3)

em ChartFX.WinForms.aw.a(Int32 A_0, Int32 A_1, HitType& A_2)


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Hi, I was able to reproduce the issue with the instructions you provided.

Please send an email to Support AT Softwarefx DOT com  so we can anlyze the problem in detail and handle the bug report through the regular channels. That way you will be notified of the progress of the issue.

Thanks and we apologize for the inconvenience.





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