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how to get the windings symbol inside the chartfx?


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i am using chartfx client server 5.1 with vb. 

while giving ascii value to markershape, windings font is not reflected.

if i give the chartfx.series(1).markershape = -171

it is displaying "<<" instead of star in windings font.

can anyone tell me what is problem and how to get the windings symbol inside the chartfx?

thanks in advance

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Its working for me. Could this be related to your environment? I found one interesting thing while looking for the decimal equivalent of Wingding chars. If I looked at the following page in FF, I see << for 171. If I visited the same page on IE, I see the star. Hope this info helps.


Here is my test code. Screenshot attached.

  Dim i As Integer

  Dim j As Integer


  i = 0

  j = 0


  chart1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 1, 10

  Do While (i < 1)

  Do While (j < 10)

  chart1.ValueEx(i, j) = Rnd * 100

  j = j + 1


  i = i + 1


  chart1.CloseData COD_VALUES


  chart1.Gallery = SCATTER


  chart1.Series(0).MarkerShape = -171


  chart1.MarkerSize = 10

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