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Yes, this is a chart we think you can achieve using our product. There might be a few things (e.g. the arrow to the left of the X axis to scroll the chart) that might get a little tricky.

Can you post a little more details about your data, e.g.

- What is your typical total data range? 1 day? Weeks?

- How are the action points, data and the dynamic info related to each other in your data layer

- How important is the fact that some labels in the X axis are bold? How do you determine which ones are bold?

- You mentioned a bar chart, is it a typo or do you also have some specific questions for a bar chart?

If you can provide more information we can help you tweak the chart properties and templates.



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Thanks for the reply. We do not have to have the arrow to the left of the X axis to scroll the chart.

The typical data range needs to have from 4AM to 12PM the following day on the first view. We need to also implement a weekly, monthly and custom range view of the chart.

The requirements of the chart are as follow:

1. Show a projected line that the machine is able to produce vs the actual production.

2. Action points: these are the little dots that will be clickable and bring up the dialog box with different data such as Time, Operator's Name, Quantity Produced, Efficiency and other buttons to show different information. This can be just a popup table that we can freely customize it and feed in with XML data.

3. A single bar that shows the time frame that the production machine was cleaning and cooling.

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Sorry for our delay getting back to you, we have added some functionality and bug fixes to our beta3 bits and you can get very close to the chart you want to create. Attached you will find a sample XAML/CS code we used to try to duplicate it.

You can download our most recent bits here, or contact wpf at softwarefx dot com to request an updated build.



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