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Install/Integration Issue (Broken images instead of charts)


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I have just installed the full version of ChartFX for VS 2005 (Web Forms). I previously had the trial version installed (which I uninstalled prior to the new full install).

 The project I am working on already has a number of charts built in, implemented previously by other people.

When running these sites in Debug mode, the charts do not display: I can only see a dead image (little red cross). But, the chart tooltips do display.

Any suggestions on where I'm going wrong?


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Apologies for the double post.

The full IMG tag generated by the form is as follows:

(underscores to stop it processing the tag)

id="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$chart1" src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-110417431&type=png&mime=image%2fpng" WIDTH="503" HEIGHT="406" usemap="#ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$chart1Map" border="0" oncontextmenu="return SFX_OnChartContextMenu();"

I have seen a couple of threads with similar problems. The other threads seem to differ in that those pages have been deployed. The charts I am getting problems with are in a site running in debug mode under VS2005 (Thought that was worth clarifying).

Thanks again.

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