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Scroll Bar style in LegendBox


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We have a somewhat obscure property called MergeResources (note that is not browsable so it will not appear in IntelliSense) that we use to allow different styles - Glass, Basic, Simple - to have different common resources such as ScrollBar styles.

We did not use the Resources.MergeDictionaries WPF feature because of leaks when using this approach.

The following code will remove the scrollbar style included in our motif so that you can add your own, if you test this code against a Glass chart you will get a windows-themed scrollbar. You could then create your own ScrollBar style and add it to the resourceDictionary variable. Note that you have to set the MergeResources to point to a new resource dictionary as we do not track changes to the existing one.

ResourceDictionary resourceDictionary = new ResourceDictionary();

foreach (object key in chart1.MergeResources.Keys) {   if (key != typeof(System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ScrollBar))   resourceDictionary.Add(key, chart1.MergeResources[key]);}

// resourceDictionary.Add(typeof(System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ScrollBar), FindResource("MyScrollBar");chart1.MergeResources = resourceDictionary;




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