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Regarding series plotting beyond the chart boundaries


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I am unable to reproduce the problem using the latest HotFix.

Either I am not doing the sequence right, in which case I would need more instructions and what to do to reproduce the problem, or you are using an older version and the problem has been corrected. You are using the latest service pack (7.0.2893) so it is most likely it is the former. To make sure please contact Software FX support to obtain the latest Hotfix.

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Hi Frank,

The ChartFx version what we are using is same as that of Latest service pack hot fix of chartFx. The only change is in Server components(Flash Generator and Silverlight Server dlls) which we are not at all using.

I am attaching the video clip which shows the problem regarding "series plotting beyond the chart boundaries".

Please unzip the file "ZoomIssue.zip" to get ZoomIssue.avi

You can reproduce the problem by looking in the video clipping.




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I was able to reproduce the problem. thank you for providing us with that video.

We have determined this to be a bug and it has been logged as such. We will make our best effort to fix it in the next service pack.

Because of the nature of this issue:

1) It does not cause an exception

2) It only happens in very extreme conditions (after zooming in many times to a very small range)

It has not been deemed a critical issue, if your particular situation makes it critical, please contact Software FX support directly.

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