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Performance Drop with Beta2


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Do you get this on every chart or just the first chart in your application?

We did change some our defaults to more elaborate styles so this might be affecting your performance. We have not experienced this performance impact so we would appreciate if you can post/send more info about this.

You might also want to try using the Basic style in your XAML


cfx:Chart Style="{x:Static cfxMotifs:Basic.Style}">

To use this you will have to add the Motifs namespace to your root node as follows





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 I can't say at present if it is on the first or all instances as I only have summary timings in place, but after switching to the basic style performance returned to the pre-v2 levels.  High-end machines with a better graphics card my be able to deal with DirectX rendering better, but currently I'm developing on a laptop with a Mobile Intel 956 Express chipset.



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The choice between the different Motifs (Glass, Basic, Simple) also depends on which one looks more similar to your app, if the Glass motif matches your application's appearance but performance is degraded you might want to try setting the Chart.UseEffects to false which will remove some bitmapeffects that might cause the performance degradation on certain video chipsets.


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