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Regd displaying of all the custom labels of X-axis


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I need to display all the custom labels to X-axis. There will be atmost 52 custom labels.

The first label is not getting displayed even though i assign all the labels to X-axis.

In other scenario, the number of custom labels that are to be assigned to x-axes will differ.

So i can not blindly set the below properties

Chart.AxisX.LabelAngle = 0;

Chart.AxisX.Staggered = true;

The above properties doesn't  holds good for all scenarios.

If i change the resolution to 1280 X 1024, then i could able to view all the labels.

But we require the resolution of 1024 X 768.

Is there any thing that chartfx will adjust itself to display all the labels(by utilyzing staggered , LabelAngle properties based on the number of labels) ?



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Indeed, that is the default, the label angle and layout will be adjusted to fit as many labels as possible. There is however, no guarantee that all labels will show, there is a minimum space allowed between labels to avoid overcrowding. This spacing can be controlled using Axis.LineSpacing.

The flag that allows this auto-layout to happen is in Axis.Style: AxisStyles.AutoLabelLayout, and like I mentioned, it is ON by default.

Are you not getting this behavior? Are your X-Axis labels always horizontal? Please post a sample program that reproduces this behavior as this is not the expected behavior.


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If i leave the default properties as it is so that label angle and layout will be adjusted to fit as many labels as possible, then atleast there should be some labels displayed for x-axis.

It is like if there are many labels to be displayed at x-axis, staggered will be ON and label angle will be 90.

If there are less labels, then staggered will be OFF and label angle will be 0.

These scenarios are working fine.

But if there are 150 labels passed to x-axis to get displayed, atleast some should get displayed right!.....

But it's not happening. No labels are getting displayed. When i use context menu provided by ChartFX for setting Staggerred or using Vertical label option, i can able to view some labels at the X-axis......


I will get back to you with the sample application...

Thank you Frank for the quick response.


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