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Transparency problems


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I have two charts that overlap (through the us of div tags).  The one that is at the top has been created with a transparent background. This way, the one that is at the bottom is visible. However, when displayed on a web page, the charts are displayed correctly, but when I print from Internet Explorer 6 or 7, the background of the top image is white, then the image that is at the bottom is not completely visible. Both are generated as PNG.

Please help me...


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I'm afraid you have encountered a limitation in Internet Explorer's ability to print transparent PNGs.

You may want to try with IE 7 or Firefox.

This is really a problem outside of Chart FX.

One question: can you please post a screenshot of the overlapped charts? I want to see what are you achieving by overlapping the two controls. Maybe there is a way to achieve the same using only one chart.

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The problem also occurs when printing from IE 7 or Firefox. And something interesting is that I replaced the charts (in the div tags) with normal PNG images (with transparent backgrounds) and they are printed without problems. So the problem seems to be ocurring only with the Charts.

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I really don't see what the difference is between an image generated by Chart FX and any other image. For the browser theory are the same thing (the browser doesn't know anything about Server-Side controls).

My only guess is the type of image.

You can actually grab the chartfx generated images from the Temp folder and try putting them in your own HTML. Are you using any special attributes in your <img> tag? any filters?

Please provide an example of a working HTML page that using static PNG images can overlap two and achieve correct printing.

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