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TrustFailure error with .NET Chart and SSL

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I use the last version of ChartFX for .NET and i got the following error :

When i want to display Chart in .NET mode i got a this message:

Failed to download Chart


This message appear when i'm in https connection. It works fine with non ssl


If someone can help me

Thank you

Jerome Grech

Software Developer for CAPSO


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While setting EmbeddedData to true may be the solution for you it is not 

necessarily the solution for all cases.

The problem you are having is that the client control could not download its

data from the server, because of a trust failure, this is NOT caused by

HTTPS but it may be caused by other reasons such as credentials not being

sent trough, a proxy, etc.

What you did by setting EmbeddedData to true was to "by-pass" the error by

embedding the chart's data into the page itself, this way there is no

request back from the client to the server and hence there is no error.

I would be interested in knowing more about your environment to understand

the real cause of the problem.

1) Do you have a proxy ? Is so how it is set up ? Is it setup using a script


2) Do you have user authentication ? Is so, which type (Form, NT, Clear

Text) ?


Francisco Padron


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I don't say it is the solution for all cases but it a solution to try before

contact the support.

The environment :

I don't use a proxy but i have a form authentication on the server

I use a test certificate and Sftware FX support tell me that it is a

possible cause of my issue.


Jerome Grech

Software Developer for CAPSO

"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> a

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