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I'm trying to build a WebService based on ChartFX for .Net that will return 

graph with pre-set style parameters, whether the data is dynamic.

When .asmx file is a part of my project, everything works perfectly, but if

i try to build an independent web service, i receive an error on invalid


If call the WS directly from browser, it works fine:

browser <-> Web service : OK

browser <-> ASPX <-> in-project ASMX : OK

browser <-> ASPX <-> WebService : Error

this is my code:

private void ShowGraph()




//Create chart object from WebService

//ChartFxWS.Chart objChart = new ChartFxWS.Chart(); <-- FAILS!!!

//Create chart object from in-project asmx file

clsChart objChart = new clsChart(); <-- WORKS!!!

//Get result Chart as stream



catch (Exception)





Help!!! Please!!!




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I think that i reference all necessary dependencies because web service

itself seems to work properly.

As i mentioned, when i try it directly from browser using wsdl test page,

everything is OK. But the problem is that in production environment I cannot

submit data from client-side for security reasons.

XML containing chart data should be built on server and submitted to web

service farm.

My configuration shoild be like this: CLIENT -> WEB APP -> WebService

I attached a screenshot with error description.

Maybe, the problem is that protocol of interaction with web service is SOAP

and it fails to transfer output of GetHtmlData method correctly?

How can I implement the required architecture?




"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> What is the exception you are getting ? Are you referencing all the Chart

> FX

> Dependencies ?


> --

> Francisco Padron

> www.chartfx.com



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