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Custom Labels on a Pie Chart


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Is there a way to make custom lables on a chart?

Currently I have the text field followed by a percentage (EX: Other: 21.21%) which are pulled from my data set.  Can I do an expression for a label so I can put a break and put the text and percentage on separate lines?

Thank you

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I wanted to follow up and see if you are still trying to resolve this question.  I have been trying many different work arounds but have not come across a resolution yet.

What is occuring is the items are going outside of the boundry of the chart so I'm trying to manually set the word wrapping on the point labels.  I've even tried to use the legend and use escape characers and html in the strings that are used but they render with the characters and not the break that is desired (X\n50% or x<br/>50%).

An exmple of the issue would be:

Field   Value

X   50%

Currently shows: X: 50%

I'd like the data point label to show:



Any information or suggestions would help.



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 Even I am looking for something similar . But want to go a step ahead.

I should be able to define some properties on labels - Eg. Width , autosize, Writing Mode, Rotate etc. 


Guys you have done a great job creating this control .... But its of no use when we get stuck on these minor issues.


Also any idea, If I can use the Chart Control for Reporting services on Client Reports as well ( that are displayed in Report Viewer Control)


Thanks in advance


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