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out-map: Inputting data without using import-csv


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Perhaps something useful for others...

I asked a question in the forum here, and the microsoft.public.windows.powershell newsgroup about whether the import-csv output could be copied using some other cmdlet like write-output...  Yes it can!

PS C:\> gc country.csvCountry,PointsU.S.A.,20Canada,10PS C:\> import-csv country.csv

Country Points------- ------U.S.A.   20Canada   10

PS C:\> "U.S.A.,20","Canada,10"|select-object @{e={$_.split(',')[0]};n='Country'},@{e={$_.split(',')[1]};n='Points'}

Country Points------- ------U.S.A.   20Canada   10

So, instead of using import-csv to pipe to out-map, one can use write-output or as illustrated above.

I haven't tried it yet, but that might keep me from having to write temporary files in some scripts of mine.  I might also be able to throw in scriptblocks into the data piped to out-map.

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