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out-map -listobjects works?


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The quick start PDF refers to the -listobjects flag to get the listing of objects within a map.  Giving that flag doesn't seem to produce the desired results, and returns nothing at all, except a, perhaps, default map.

'get-command out-map -detailed' or -full make no reference to -listobjects whatsoever either.

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The out-map -listobjects command works fine with our internal build, which is a little newer than the trial version. We will post newer trail bits later this week, which should fix this issue. Can you please confirm the command you're executing? Are you running simply out-map -listobjects?

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I'm trying 'out-map -mapsource World\WorldCountries -listobjects' for example.

If it makes a difference...  I mistakingly installed PowerGadgets *before* installing PowerShell.  So, the 'Windows Powershell with PowerGadgets' icon in the Start menu doesn't work, seemingly as a result.

I open the regular PSH window, run 'add-pssnapin PowerGadgets', then run my commands.

All seems OK, as just doing something like 'out-map -mapsource World\WorldCountries -configure' works fine as expected.  I tried other maps, and none seem to work with -listobjects.

I'll wait for the update...  Is there a mailing list for updates or since I registered to get a key, will I be made aware via that email address?

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I don't think it's related to the fact that you installed PowerGadgets first. The link pretty much does the work of add-pssnapin so you don't have to do it manually everytime.

We don't have a mailing list for updates. I recommend you to keep an eye on our website. I hope we can upload a new installer before the end of this week.

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We will be uploading a new build next week (hopefully Monday or Tuesday).

We've wanted to upload a new build for some days but after adding a couple of nice features we had to stabilize the product. Some of the features we added are:

  • Size support in desktop gadgets including Icon mode.
  • Flyout support in Vista including details about data points.
  • UI cleanup.
  • Multiple bug fixes.



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