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MVP Swag and Rules


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Generally when one is a MVP of a product there are a few things that follow in line with that.  Obviously It is a program designed to market and push out the technology to other people, that is generally done via many ways.  In line with this, are there rules/regulations that is generally expected that MVP's will follow, for example

We should use the Gold MVP logo, if we use the logo in a signature, a URL should be enabled to click back to powergadgets, etc.

Are we as MVP's tracked, eg do we each have a unique MVP ID, so that if i refer people to buy powergadgets is there a way for you to know I did it? (or do you even want to do that)

Also T-Shirt/Business Casual shirts with the Powergadgets/MVP would be very good to have as a witness of the product, especially when attending usergroup meets and such. (mugs and stuff is nice, but i belive a shirt is the most effective)

I just wanted to open this discussion up and see what people thing.


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Dear Lester:

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We're trying to put together some programs for our MVPs geared to produce more specific content on the PowerGadgets site. Especially when it comes to other Microsoft Server products that work "nicely" with PowerShell. For example, we're trying to put together an Exchange 2007 server resource with MVP feedback so other Exchange 2007 admins can take advantage of PowerGadgets in that domain. That is where we feel the most valuable input from MVPs is going to come.

In exchange for that input we are willing to offer some of the goodies you have mentioned (t-shirts, mugs and even the occasional mp3 player). If we are able to compile enough valuable information on a specific domain we will definitely organize it and make it available to the general public. Another interesting area for MVPs is blogs, we are opening up the possibility for our MVPs to share their experiences with other PowerGadgets users and expose their names to the PowerShell community in the process. This is particularly interesting for PowerShell trainers and consultants.

As for rules and regulations, we are aware that many of them are very busy people with limited bandwidth to work "ad honorem" for PowerGadgets, so we are not trying to restrict them in any way as many larger vendors do with their MVPs.

We will try to put together a few tshirts designs and upload them here for your feedback.Marco Shaw (PowerGadgtes Lead MVP) had many great ideas for MVPs, so it will be wise to coordinate with him any efforts in this regard.

Thanks again for your input



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We should use the Gold MVP logo, if we use the logo in a signature, a URL should be enabled to click back to powergadgets, etc.

Good ideas...  In public forums, I'll use an entry in my signature file pointing back to the PowerGadgets MVP program.  I have some other ideas like a MVP desktop background and MVP certificate.

I am open to any ideas you may have.


PS You can reach me here or at marcos@online.powergadgets.com (remove "online." to email me).

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