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Apparent Bug in Single x-value out-charts when Refreshing


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Hi Gang,

It appears to me that there is some bug or intended function that is undesirable in many situations involving the out-chart with refresh.  If you create an out-chart .PS1 gadget that is attached to dynamic data and the first rendering of the gadget results in a single x-axis value (point, column, etc) then subsequent automatic or manual refreshes will not update the single value on the chart, but rather introduce a timescale for the x-axis and add additional copies of the same data point at different refresh intervals.  I understand there is an option that can remove this behavior, but I haven't found it in the documentation.  I have included a couple of visual examples below, which I hope will be more illustrative. 

I want the gadget chart to retain a single x-axis entry and update it's y-axis value, not replicate the single value over time.  Note: once more than one x-axis value appears, the problem goes away.  Note#2: if you originally open the gadget with more than one x-axis value in the data, but the data refresh subsequently reduces to a single x-axis value (datapoint) then the behavior does not occur.  I can post the invoke-sql | out-chart code if that will help.  Thanks a bunch for the help!






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Good morning, Juan

I gave it a try this morning and received the error below.  I am running version Version: 1.0.2760.16652, which is the latest build available that I can find on the PG web-site.  "2760" looks strangely close but lower than "2769."  Are these two numbers related?  Do I have the 2769 build, and if not, how do I obtain it?  Does the error below give you an indication that the problem is something other than the build I am running?

On a related, silly question note, will DisableAuto AddData (when functioning properly) keep a chart from adding new, valid datapoints on refresh as they evolve when the invoke-sql picks up a query with more than the 1 originial datapoint?

Thank you very much for your help.  Best, David

Posted Image

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Yes, you will need to upgrade.  Email support@online.powergadgets.com (remove "online.") to get the latest download location.

As for you -disableauto parameter question, everytime the chart refreshes, things will basically start from scratch: if there's one data point, the graph will only show one, if there's more than one, the graph will show 2 data points.  Is that the behaviour you're looking for?

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