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Display .pgf files on a website


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Anyway to accompish this? We wrote a bunch of really cool Power Gadgets that pull data from a SQL Server that we would love to display on a website.. is their anyway of doing this?

 I read the posts on converting to a .ps1 but on my version of Power Gadgets(Trial) I don't have the Edit-> Copy or Edit->Paste. Do I need to purchase the full version to get this functionality?



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Please review the following blog post: http://community.softwarefx.com/blogs/powergadgets_team_blog/archive/2007/02/24/Integrating-PowerGadgets-with-your-website.aspx

What version of PowerGadgets are you running (file version in any of the PowerGadgets dll files)? Copy and Paste was added to the PowerGadgets Creator long time ago. There's no difference in functionality between the trial version and the purchased version, other than the expiration of the license.

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