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powergadgets or powershell problem?

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I have a master script which passes a param to a drilldown script.

The drilldown script looks like:

$sCode = $args[0]
Invoke-Webservice -wsdl http://myserver/LiveMonitoring/MyMonitor.asmx?wsdl -method GetDataSet | where {$_.ShortCode -eq $sCode} | out-chart  -Label ShortCode -values Total -refresh 0:0:5 -topmost  -DataGrid_Visible true -Gallery gantt

First time it displays data but after 5 seconds it doesnt refresh and the problem is where cmdlet can not execute because the $sCode param is null.
Is this an out-chart issue? How can I get around it?


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I created another WS method that gets the parameter and it seems to work fine.

The script looks like this:
Invoke-Webservice -wsdl http://myserver/LiveMonitoring/MyMonitor.asmx?wsdl -method GetSingleRecordDataSet -parameters $sCode| out-chart  -Label ShortCode -values  Total -refresh 0:0:5 -topmost  -DataGrid_Visible true -Gallery gantt

 Another question though:
The refresh generates new "Total" bars on the chart due to single line dataset. How can I have the Total bar refresh itself without creating aditional bars.


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In the current public build when you only pass one element, a powergadgets chart will automatically "add" points every time the gadget is refreshed. Honestly we did not gave this a high priority because a chart with 1 bar might be better served by a gauge.

We have just added a flag where you can use the DisableAuto to turn off this behavior, e.g.

get-date -uformat "%S" | out-chart -refresh 0:0:1 -DisableAuto AddData

This will result in a chart with one bar (showing the current number of seconds) but the chart will refresh the bar value instead of adding bars. This flag will be supported in build 2769.


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