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I have trial version 1.0.2588.21909, and have encountered the following bugs that we need to get around:
1) In the PowerGadgets Creator, when manually editing the Pie Chart color with the toolbar, the color changes are not saved after clicking "Accept." Additionally, in the PowerGadgets Presenter, after editing Pie Chart colors with the Toolbar, the colors revert after a refresh interval elapses.
2) The line chart and area charts have some rather unusual problems in which consecutive data points are not connected properly.
3) Under Presenter, on multi-monitor displays, when the chart attempts to snap to the monitor edges, the chart seems to "shudder" and then the chart closes without an error message.
4) The "Time" format doesn't seem to work for the X-Axis, nor can I do a custom format to display it (such as "hh:mm").
Has anyone seen these issues / bugs and are there any workarounds / fixes / resolutions?
Otherwise, the graphs are pretty nifty...
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1) The reason for both behaviors is that - normally - the points attributes are either non-existent (in a multi-series chart) or data dependent. We understand this is a serious limitation and will try to provide a workaround.

2) Can you include screenshots and provide more information about the data passed to the gadget? Is it possible it had null values? Did this happen on a refreshed chart?

3) We have tested PowerGadgets in multi-monitor displays and I recently tried to duplicate this issue but was unable to do so. Can you expand on your configuration and how to duplicate this issue.

4) If you pass datetime information to the X axis then TimeFormat (or custom) should work as expected. Please provide more information about the data feeding the gadget.



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 Thank you for your quick response!  All graphs are "refreshing" graphs pulled from SQL server.

1) The data for my Pie Charts is always available (never null), and the colors revert after a predictable interval.  I am eagerly awaiting your workaround / fix!

2) Here is the image with some bad lines between data points.

Posted Image

The data is an SQL Server view with the following columns, none of which are nullable:

ServerName varchar 8
MeasurementDate datetime
MeasuredValue float

3) What would you like to know about the configuration?

4) Here is a screenshot of my PowerGadgets Creator setup:

Posted Image

When I click on "Accept," the X-Axis labels disappear, and they do not appear in the Presenter view.

 Thank you,


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