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Idea for a new Gadget -> out-workflow


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I often find myself writing applications that use some sort of work flow (eg State Machine Work flow).

A handy Gadget I could use in these sceanrios would display various "States" and the count of item existing in that state.  The gadget might allow the configuration for defining the states. I'd imagine it would be piped from 'invoke-sql' .

In essence it is very similar to a bar graph except the eye-candy and layout would look more similar to a work flow chart.

I can even see the arrow movements being configurable and being pulsed in line with -refresh...[B)

 Just an idea...

Cheers, John


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Thank you very much for your suggestion. Even though we currently don't support specifically an out-workflow cmdlet, we do support an out-map cmdlet which can be configured to work as a State Machine Work Flow. The out-map cmdlet allows you to draw the different objects of a given shape (for example a map) in different colors based on the underlying data and a set of rules. This cmdlet can be customized to draw any given shape, in addition to the hundreds of maps included with the product. We include one example called ServerMap.ps1 under the Maps subfolder, which changes the state of a server from online (green) to offline (red). For details about how to create your own map, please contact support at powergadgets dot com.


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