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Re: out-map: What data is used in default output?


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When you invoke out-map without piped data, we show one series of random data.

When the map has just one series of data, and no conditional attributes have been specified, a set of evenly distributed ranges are created, using shades of the base color for the first series, taken from the palette by default. The number of ranges can be changed using the -steps parameter, and the colors can be changed using -ColorFrom and -ColorTo. For example, out-map -steps 7 -ColorFrom Red -ColorTo Blue, will give you a map with 7 ranges, with colors blending from Red to Blue. If -ColorTo is omitted, you will get shades of the color specified in ColorFrom. We create these ranges for increasing the ease of use, but if you need non evenly spaced ranges or further customization, then you can use ConditionalAttributes (e.g. one range goes from 0 to 10, and another range goes from 10 to 50). Using ConditionalAttributes disables the auto generation of ranges.

When the map has multiple series of data, like our Election sample, the colors are taken from the series, which change with the palette. For each map region, a "winner" column is selected, using Max by default (the winner criteria can be changed using the -WinnerSeriesType parameter, supporting Min and Max). You can also override any series color using the parameter _series_<index>_Color (index is zero-based).

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We have realized that some topics require further technical explanation, but we don't want to clutter the standard documentation with highly detailed information. For such reason, we will start blogging very soon, and may eventually add a FAQ section. Thank you for your great suggestions!

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