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How can I disable the analysis gallery commands for the statistical extnesion? I am using this code:


  chart1.Commands[CommandId.Gallery].Enabled = false;

But when I right click on a series I can still see the stats gallery types in the context menu. How can I remove or disable them?

I'm trying to lock down the gallery type and and prevet the use r from changin it.

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Here is a more compete code snippet:

  Statistics stats = new Statistics();

  stats.Chart = chart1;

  chart1.GalleryAttributes = stats.Gallery.Regression;



  chart1.Commands[CommandId.Gallery].Enabled = false;

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You can remove the gallery command from toolbar, context menu and series context menu. Here is the code:

chart1.ToolBar.RemoveAt(4); // removes gallery command from toolbar

chart1.Commands[(int)CommandId.ContextMenuSeries].SubCommands.RemoveAt(0); // removes gallery command from series context menu


CommandId.ContextMenuBack].SubCommands.RemoveAt(4); // removes gallery command from context menu


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