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Problem with ToolTips

Harald Smetana

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 When using the chart with an X-Axis using minutes as value, I have the following problem:

I change the key value for the x-axis, so not the minutes are displayed, but the time. So if the process startet at 10, when the x-value is 60, I display 11:00 at the x-axis, when the value is 120, I display 12:00

But the tooltips are not working correctly.

If using the KeyMask value %x, of course 60 or 120 are displayed. But I want the Time value shown in the tooltips, so I use %k in the mask.For the first point everything is all right 10:00 is displayed. But the second points, located at 11:00, displays 10:01 instead, and the third, located at 12:00, displays 10:02

Is this a known bug? Does %k not work?

Best Regards



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I could not find the KeyMask property for Chart FX Client Server 6.2, I wonder if it is in fact 6.2 the version you are using.

In addition, let me know if the you are using something like this:

' Set the Chart1 type to lines (ChartFX will draw an XY Chart1 if X values are provided)

Chart1.Gallery = Gallery_Lines

' Specify how SQL fields are used

Chart1.DataType.Item(0) = DataType_XValue

Chart1.DataType.Item(1) = DataType_Value

Chart1.DataType.Item(2) = DataType_Value

' Let ChartFX know that the numbers in the X axis are really dates

Chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat_DateTime

' Set the Format for the X Axis Labels

Chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.CustomFormat = "mm"

Dim maskString As String

maskString = "value: " + "%k " + " my value is: " + "%v"

Chart1.TipMask = maskString

Keep in mind that %k will work only if you use KeyLeg:

  Chart1.KeyLeg(0) = "Jan"

  Chart1.KeyLeg(1) = "Feb"

  Chart1.KeyLeg(2) = "Mar"

  Chart1.KeyLeg(3) = "Apr"

You may also want to post some code to find out the way you are formatting your Tooltips.

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