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Hi Guys,

In all my tables, I record the last edited information, user id and datetimestamp.

I'd like to have this avialable on my forms, and updated in my files, each time a record is added and updated.  As long as I have the field available on the grid, that appears to work fine.  Here's the issue.  I'd like to display this on the Sidebar.  I'd then load all my forms with the sidebar collapsed, and have the user expand it only when they wanted to see who last updated the record.  (Great Feature...)

Anyway, here's where I run into Inconsistencies with the GridFx tool. If I add the field to the grid during grid creation, then add it to the sidebar, then change the data column to visible = false, then visible true, it appears to work.  But then I need to pull it off of the Edit and Insert forms which causes it to dissapear again from the sidebar.  Am I making this too difficult?  Is there a way to add the field to the sidebar and have it show only there? 

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For a DataField to be shown inside a side bar only, you need to do the following:

1.  Delete any columns that have the field in it.  By the way, it's better to delete columns that you'll never use as opposed to setting Visible to false because the user could end up showing it through the API.  This can be done in Edit Layout by selecting the column and choosing "Remove Selected" or in the property grid.

2.  Add a side bar.  Ensure the "Depends on Selection" is set.  This way the side bar knows to use the data from the selected item.

3.  Edit side bar template by clicking on the Side Bar and choosing "Edit SideBar Template"

4.  Choose "Add Field" from the grid's smart tag.  Select the field and click Accept.

The Edit and Insert templates are built automatically during design time and runtime.  To get the fields out of it, just use the Configure Input Settings wizard and edit those templates.  Removing the fields is very easy that way.

If this doesn't work, could you send me the markup? 

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