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Capturing X and Y Axis MIN/MAX values

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Having a real hard time whith this...The user can select from two categories 

of data to dynamically generate an XY Scatter Plot. When the user adjusts

the X and Y Axis MIN and MAX values, I'd like to capture that information so

that when the user regenerates the data, I can keep that scale.

I can't seem to capture the data, as the scale is always reset. Here's the


Private Sub btn_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

Handles btn.Click

If Chart1.NValues > 0 Then

iXMin = Chart1.AxisX.Min <<Supposed to be 3, instead reset to 0

iXMax = Chart1.AxisX.Max <<Supposed to be 8, instead reset to 5

iYMin = Chart1.AxisY.Min

iYMax = Chart1.AxisY.Max

bSetAxes = True

End If



If bSetAxes Then

Chart1.AxisX.Min = iXMin

Chart1.AxisX.Max = iXMax

Chart1.AxisY.Min = iYMin

Chart1.AxisY.Max = iYMax

End If

End Sub

Any suggestions?



- If you change the Axis minimums and maximums and then regenerate

the chart to add Median, Decile or Quartile, the changes should not have to

be re-applied.

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