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Windows 2003 x64 - install problem

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I'm trying to install ChartFX for .NET 6.2 on Windows 2003 x64 but 

failed to install. When launching the installer it will hang eating CPU

time, but even after an hour does not appear. Is there any workaround, or

fix available?

The hardware is a dual Opteron machine with Windows 2003 x64 version

installed. ASP.NET runs fine on the machine but I cannot install ChartFX.



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Dear Marius,

We are unable to reproduce the problem with the machines we have, none of

them is a dual Opteron like yours.

Please send us installfx.log located in your temporary files folder (usually

C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp, this may help us

determine the cause of the problem.


Francisco Padron


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Attached you will find the InstallFX.log. However, I do not know how 

relevant it is since, I tried installed using two kits, one that is a little

bit older (using the old UI, wizard based, windows standard) and using the

newer one (the one which display "Preparing Setup files" and the clock).

I tried renaming the log file to get a more accurate log, but:

- The later kit hangs in first step (Preparing files and the clock that

spins), and does not generate any log, but eats CPU time. Actually it does

not hang as the clock spins, but it does not continue, and after 30mins of

CPU time I killed it using task manager.

- The old kit hangs when validating serial number, but does not eat CPU

time. And when I tried this morning did not generate any log.

If there anything that I can do to give more detailed info feel free to




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