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ActiveX on non-.Net Framework Clients

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I am having a problem with clients using my charts who do not have the .Net 

framework installed on there WinXP machines. They are never prompted to

download the client side ActiveX COM when they first visit the site and all

charts are rendered as static pictures rather then dynamic charts. I am

using ChartFX for .NET 6.2. Am I correct in assuming that the Client side

ActiveX used by ChartFX.NET is

\ChartFX62\Download\ChartFX.Internet.Client.dll? This file is definitely

available to anonymous browsers. I have the HtmlTag set to "auto" (I do want

some backwards compatibility). What also do I need to do to set this up


As a side note, when I was at a clients office trying to sort this problem

out, I thought I could go to the SofrwareFX.com website and load a sample

chart, which would load the client side ActiveX and presumably solve the

problem, however I spent over 1/2 hr looking for a sample chart on your

website without any luck. Your 'slideshow' and 'gallery' for example appear

to be all static images. Please post a URL to a sample chart running of

SofrwareFX.com domain, which can use for debugging client installations.

Also, while I'm in the mood for complaining about usability, the online

support tool 'Search KB' is the most fundamentally useless search tool I

have ever seen. If you search for say 'ActiveX' you return 110 results, of

which virtually none mention the search term directly, with most matching to

the same knowledge base article appearing in the 'Related Articles' section

of the page. I complained about this well over a year ago and I am

disappointed that nothing has been done to resolve this obvious problem.

That said, keep up the good work,


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ChartFX.Internet.Client.dll is the .NET Client dll. This dll requires the 

.NET framework.

If you want to generate a non.NET Client (Standard COM ActiveX) you need to

get this piece which is part of Chart FX Internet 6.2, a newer addition to

the Chart FX product line. You can obtain the ActiveX client from Software

FX at no charge, they will also provide you with instructions on how to



Francisco Padron


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