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Some newby questions...


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 Hi there,

 i'm currently evaluating ChartFX 7 Winforms and have some questions.

* Is it possible to have an empty chart displayed? Currently i can only get the "No data available" message. Thing is, i need to display a Temperature over a certain time-range. There might be the case that there was no measurement within the time entered by the user. I this case i want the complete chart (axis,labels, etc) but simply without lines. Also this "No data available" message is resulting in the behaviour that the chart is removing the Series from the Collection, so i end up with default layouting (colors,line widths,etc.) when the data finally available. 

* As stated above the user is choosing the date range, so i want a dynamic calculation of the steps of the X-Axis. The documentation states that setting the Step property of the axis to 0 (zero) will initiate the automatic adjustment. Seems this is not working properly as i always retrieve a value of -1.0 after the RecalculateScale() method, resulting in only the first lable to be shown. Do i have to calculate the Step size manually?


Any help appreciated.

br Christoph 

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> * Is it possible to have an empty chart displayed? ...

Yes. But what you are describing is not "empty". In order to have an X and Y axis, you have to have a scale, so you have to supply a Min and Max for the X and Y axis. When you pass data this is automatically calculated from the data.

If you want you can assign an arbitrary Min and Max, and set Chart.Hidden as the values of an arbitrary number of points (at least one).

As for the series attributes, chart.Series is a collection containing as many series as series in the chart, so if you set the number of series to 0 (no data) you will loose the series. Keep the number of series constant if you don't want this to happen.

 > * As stated above the user is choosing the date range ...

The step is calculated based on the size of the chart. For this reason the calculation of it is delayed until the chart is first drawn in other to avoid multiple calculations. In order to force a calculation you may call UpdateSizeNow in the Chart class.


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